Did you chose your career in credit or did it just happen?

In my years in credit management I have only met two people who found out that they could have a career path in credit; the majority of us just arrived there. I am hopeful that with the greater focus on apprenticeships and education more people will be able to obtain enough information and make an informed decision and choose credit management as their career.

However, I like many others just fell into this career and along the ways have experienced highs & lows, one of the lows (almost literally) was when I went to see a customer and in the basement of the offices (by offices I mean a small country mansion) they had a swimming pool and for some reason the MD decided that I had to have a tour of the offices including the basement as they were the customer I felt obliged to fall in (now there’s a pun) with the idea, high heels and damp tiles are not a good combination I slipped …………………but I did not fall in I was caught in one easy seamless movement by the MD. he was more embarrassed than I was, after I had recovered my dignity I found it funny  and what is more afterwards when we all sat down to discuss the issues I found far easier to extract payment from them

Returning to the first paragraph and on a more serious note if anyone is considering a career in credit it is worth checking out the CICM web site:

Level 2 – Credit Controller and Debt Collection Specialist

Extract from: http://www.cicm.com/cicm-apprenticeships-level2/

This specialist apprenticeship is the new Standard for credit controllers and collectors.  Developed as part of the Trailblazer Apprenticeship initiative by senior credit managers and collections specialists, with the support of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM), the Apprenticeship Standard is based on current job descriptions and covers essential knowledge, skills and behaviours.

This programme aims to develop the knowledge and skills required to be a qualified Credit Controller/Collector.  At the end of the course, apprentices have the opportunity to  achieve highly respected professional qualifications in addition to the Level 2 Apprenticeship

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