Credit Management Education can be fun

It is a well known fact in the world of credit control / management that people just ‘fall into’ a career in credit.  As a tutor in all things credit management (slight exaggeration!) after the June exams and before the start of the September sessions I take the time to clear out old teaching files (both paper and on my computer). I do ti for a variety of reasons:

  1. Partly to clear space
  2. To review teaching keeping material that I thought was good / helpful at the time but things may have changed e.g.
    • Money Laundering laws
    • the introduction of GDPR in May 2018
    • Consumer Rights Act 2015

Point 2 leads me stress the ever increasing importance of staying up to date in knowledge and the way we approach our roles – what was good least week / month / year may not be good today.

With that in mind the key to date is Education it comes in many guises:

Apprenticeships are not just for new employees – organisations can use them to structure and accelerate the training and development of current staff.  For example employees are eligible for funding for Level 3 Diploma in Credit Management programmes, thus providing a funded fast-track pathway to professional accreditation.

CICM currently offer five apprenticeships for the Credit Management profession.

Click for further information on the Government Levy & apprenticeship funding, six reasons to train an apprentice and training an apprentice and becoming an apprentice.

For further advice on Apprenticeships E or T 01780 722 909

So if you are starting out a career in credit could be the answer! It offers a career path with qualifications, job satisfaction, a good salary structure and above all fun! The possibilities are out there, I hope to share with you some highlights of my career, some pointers to help anyone interested,

Author: creditprofessional

Conultant / Teacher / Trainer in all things related to credit management

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